Past Projects: Europe and Eurasia

Confronting Violence through Youth-Oriented Media (2015)       

  • AS220 (a non-profit community arts center), Providence, Rhode Island
  • IZOLYATSIA, Kiev, Ukraine

This project will bring Ukrainian youth who have been affected by conflict in their country together with disadvantaged Rhode Island youth to explore how the use of youth-oriented media can channel their experiences in a positive and empowering way. At a Summer Lab Intensive Workshop, participants will learn new media techniques, such as 3D modeling, game design, laser cutting and small scale model building. The project will result in a website, as well as exhibitions in both cities that will be created and installed by the participants. Ten students, ages 16 to 18, from each country will participate, and four university students, ages 20 – 25, will serve as mentors throughout the project.  

Connecting Coastal Communities: An International Dialogue about Ocean Conservation & Ecotourism (2015)

  • Old Dartmouth Historical Society - New Bedford Whaling Museum, New Bedford, Massachusetts
  • Husavik Whale Museum, Husavik, Iceland 

Despite their social and cultural differences, students in New Bedford and Husavik come from similar coastal communities with maritime economies. Both share a deep history of ties to whales as economic generators and cultural symbols. In this project, teenagers in Husavik and New Bedford will explore their mutual economic and cultural heritage within the context of their ocean environments. The students will organize community and school events to celebrate whales in their local waters and share points of view about protecting the ocean and the creatures living in it, while also debating whale-based tourism and harvesting whales for economic purposes. High school students ages 15-18 in each country (18 in the U.S. and nine in Iceland) will form an “Ocean Crew.”  They will receive instruction in whale science, biology and ocean ecology. The students will create public programs, including a “whale readathon” for children, a family-centered “Whale Celebration Day,” and a project website featuring the students’ digital presentations. In addition to the environmental theme, this program supports the 2015-2017 U.S. Chairmanship of the Arctic Council.

Youth Mission to Mars: Exploring Space to Address Sustainability on Earth (2015)

  • Space Center Houston, Houston, Texas 
  • Cite de l’espace, Toulouse, France 
  • Science Center, Singapore  

Space is a global enterprise. Space science and technology bring together people, resources, ideas and talents from many different countries and cultures from all over the world. Fifty disadvantaged students each from Houston, Texas; Toulouse, France; and Singapore, ages 15 – 16 will collaborate to plan a mission to establish a human base on Mars. They will investigate the cultural requirements for sustaining human life on Mars, develop a “chart of life on Mars,” and train on the basics of Mars science in order to design specific products or processes for providing the air, water, energy and nutrition needed to support human life on Mars. In the process, they will discover parallels between sustaining life on Mars and on Earth. By targeting disadvantaged youth and girls, the project aims to expose new audiences to the fascination of outer space. The students will collaborate throughout the year and participate in a three week STEM course consisting of engaging lessons and activities, videos of Mars scientists, learning games and student discussions. They will carry out team projects, culminating in a “Live the Mission” summit in Houston.

Common Notes: Connecting Folk Traditions through Technology (2014)

  • "Alexandru Stefulescu" Gorj County Museum, Târgu Jiu, Romania
  • Clay Center for the Arts and Sciences of West Virginia, Charleston,West Virginia
Common Notes delves into the roots of folk music in Romania and West Virginia to enrich the lives of teens through the transcendent power of music, a language that has no boundaries, and inspire an online musical mash-up, a synthesis of the assonance and dissonance of their music, as well as public concerts.

emPOWER Parents: Fostering Cross Cultural Networks between Families with Autism (2013)

  • Museo ICO, Madrid, Spain
  • Queens Museum of Art, Queens, New York
Museums in Madrid and Queens support the creation of a bi-national network of parent advocates, giving parents of children with autism the resources to affect institutionalized change in both countries, request improved programming in schools and include their children’s learning styles in community programs. Participating parents gain skills in teaching and behavioral methods, lead programs with other local families and maintain and disseminate resources in both English and Spanish to share their knowledge with a global audience.

Muslim Women's Art and Voices (2012)

  • The Women's Museum in Denmark, Aarhus, Denmark
  • The Ayala Museum, Manila, Philippines
  • Museum of Islamic Civilization, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
  • International Museum of Women, San Francisco, California
Through an online exhibition, a new generation of Muslim women shared their perspectives and ideas, addressing myths and prejudices and fostering understanding between Muslims and non-Muslims in the U.S. and globally. Participants created and curated art and multimedia to raise public awareness in their communities and beyond about the richness and diversity of their lives, ideas and identities. View the Muslima exhibition.

Written in Rock: Collaboration among Azerbaijani and Pueblo Indian Communities (2012)

  • Gobustan National Historical Artistic Preserve, Baku, Azerbaijan
  • National Museum of the American Indian, Smithsonian Institution,
    Washington, DC
  • Office of Policy and Analysis, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC
  • In collaboration with the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Members of the Pueblo Indian communities in Albuquerque and individuals from Azerbaijan worked together with archeologists and conservationists specializing in the study of petroglyphs—human-made carvings on rock surfaces—to tackle preservation challenges, share cultural perspectives and generate techniques for community outreach to ensure the future of these powerful yet fragile monuments of our common human history.

At the Table: Connecting Culture, Conversation and Service in Latvia and the U.S. (2011)

  • National History Museum of Latvia, Riga, Latvia
  • National Constitution Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Through oral histories with community leaders, service projects and meaningful dialogues, high school students worked together to increase understanding across cultures, foster a sense of civic responsibility and inspire acts of civic engagement.

Not Just Another Building on the Street (2011)
Not Just Another Brick in the Wall: Engaging Italian & American Teens (2009)

  • Parco Astronomico InfiniTo, Pino Torinese, Italy
  • Sci-Port: Louisiana’s Science Center, Shreveport, Louisiana
Two years after Italian and American teens collaborated on a planetarium rock opera that reflected both their individual cultures and their knowledge of science and technology, astronomy teachers in the two regions reconnected to develop a planetarium program that addressed educational needs in their classrooms and provided students with formal and informal learning opportunities.

Building a Transatlantic Bridge (2010)

  • LVR-Industriemuseum, Oberhausen, Germany
  • Westmoreland Museum of American Art, Greensburg, Pennsylvania
Connected by their common industrial heritage, high school students in Greensburg and Oberhausen used blank journals as a platform to share art, poetry and stories about themselves and their cities. The journals formed the basis of student-curated and marketed exhibitions in both museums.

Connecting Finnish and Adirondack Communities (2010)

  • Heureka, the Finnish Science Centre, Vantaa, Finland
  • The Wild Center, Tupper Lake, New York
Responding to a shared concern about the effects of climate change on their winter cultures, lifestyles and economies, museums and communities in the Adirondacks and Finland joined forces to increase awareness and explore how they can work to limit the impact of this trend.

Navigating Difference: Transatlantic Dialogues on Immigration (2010)

  • Le Bois du Cazier, Marcinelle, Belgium
  • Galata Maritime Museum, Genoa, Italy
  • International Coalition of Sites of Conscience, New York City
  • Ellis Island Immigration Museum, New York City
Members of three immigrant communities shared their experiences of identity, assimilation and discrimination through dialogue and public programs while an interactive installation at each museum collected visitors' personal reflections and opinions on immigration.

Young Women Speaking the Economy (2010)

  • The Women’s Museum in Denmark, Aarhus, Denmark
  • The Ayala Museum, Makati City, Philippines
  • Sudanese Women's Museum, Omdurman, Sudan
  • International Museum of Women, San Francisco, California
Young women from four countries used social media and online applications to discuss their perspectives on everything from careers and work-life balance to weathering financial hardship and combating gender discrimination.

Visit the project's online exhibition.

Water: Using the Common Tie that Binds (2009)

  • Bendery City Museum of Ethnography & Natural History, Bendery, Moldova
  • Rodger Ehnstrom Nature Center, Wahpeton, North Dakota
  • Residents of river cities in North Dakota and Moldova joined forces to learn how to better manage their waterways, raise awareness of water conservation and evaluate its impact on their environments, cultures and sustainability.