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Center for the Future of Museums

For 10 years, the Alliance’s Center for the Future of Museums (CFM) has been helping museums explore today’s challenges and shape a better tomorrow.

  • We get museums to take a longer view—several decades instead of the usual one to five years covered by an institutional plan
  • We deliver specific, credible information about trends that will affect museums and the communities they serve
  • We teach the basics of strategic foresight—how to question the assumptions that underlie our daily decisions, imagine different futures, and integrate this information into a museum’s planning process.
  • We encourage museums to be creative and take risks, because through innovation we discover the strategies and tactics that work in the future.

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Museum 2040

The November/December issue of Museum magazine has been published just a little bit early—23 years ahead of schedule, to be exact. Download a copy of Museum 2040 to explore a future in which museums have thrived in the face of many challenges.


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