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People: Comings and Goings

New Jobs & Positions


Leslie Smith to Director of Business Development, Oakland Museum of California, Oakland


Elizabeth D. Smith to Zvi Grunberg Resident Fellow, Bruce Museum, Greenwich

Kirsten J. Reinhardt to Registrar, Bruce Museum, Greenwich

Scott Smith to Director of Marketing and Communications, Bruce Museum, Greenwich


Rangsook Yoon, PhD to Director of Experiences, Art & History Museums - Maitland, Maitland

H. Alexander Rich to Curator and Director of Galleries & Exhibitions, Polk Museum of Art at Florida Southern College, Lakeland

Jocelyn Boigenzahn to Gallery Director, Scarfone/Hartley Gallery at University of Tampa, Tampa


Linda Marshall to Executive Director, Nichols House Museum, Boston

Rebecca Kipling to Manager of Early Childhood Development & Education, Museum of Science, Boston

New York 

Michael Grasso to Executive Director, Roberson Museum and Science Center, Binghamton

Nick Mango to Account Manager - Museums and Creative Services, Eriksen Translations Inc., New York


Maat Manninen to Registrar, Cincinnati Museum Center, Cincinnati


Lindsay Shirkey to Curator of Collections, Museum Center at 5ive Points, Cleveland


Kathleen Brady Stimpert to PR & Marketing Specialist, City of Austin Cultural Arts Division, Austin

Scott Winterrowd to Director of Education, Meadows Museum, Dallas